Saving the Milk Teeth

The Importance of Milk Teeth

Every child experiences it: the exciting moment of tooth changing, when baby teeth give way to new, strong teeth. This is not only a special event for children, but also for parents. Symbolizing the growth and development of the child, it is no surprise that many parents choose to keep these little treasures. Check out our collection of tooth boxes for more information.

The Tooth Fairy

Traditionally, it is believed that the Tooth Fairy comes by at night, takes the baby teeth and leaves a coin under the pillow. But scientific research has revealed that baby teeth have even more to offer than a financial surprise. They contain a wealth of stem cells that can play an important role in the child’s later life.

Stem Cells in Milk Teeth

These stem cells, found in the pulp of the baby tooth, have the potential to regenerate various tissues, such as heart muscle cells and red blood cells. They may even serve as a source of healing for future health problems. So keeping these teeth as keepsakes is not only sentimental, but can also have practical value for your child’s health.

Innovative Preservation Methods

There are several ways to preserve baby teeth, but an innovative approach is to use special tooth boxes. Unlike traditional storage methods, these boxes prevent the teeth from drying out and maintain their integrity. A special paste keeps the teeth in place and protects them from damage. Learn more about our innovative tooth boxes on the product page.

More than a repository

But these tooth boxes are more than just a repository for teeth. They are designed with attention to detail, allowing parents to create a personalized keepsake. With space for a lock of the child’s hair and a photo, the box becomes a unique memento of childhood. In addition, each box contains a log book to keep track of dates of tooth changes, and their sturdy construction ensures that they can withstand rough handling.

Visible and Secure

The transparent design of the boxes allows the teeth to be displayed without removing them from the box, so children can safely compare them with friends.

A Smart Choice for Health

In short, preserving baby teeth is not only a fine tradition, but also a smart choice for your child’s health. With innovative storage methods such as the special tooth boxes, parents can create a tangible memento of these precious milestones in their children’s lives.